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Relieve knee pain in harmless-way

self-heating design

Quick-Acting Relief

Breathable and comfortable

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Natural Product

Our product is 100% made of herbs and natural ingredients.

Best Pain Relief and Knee Protection

Springa™️ is an easier way to relief your knee pain and also gives the protection of your knee. 

Quick-acting knee pain relief! Springa™️ provides you the best comfort of your knee! It use the plant extracts such as Artemisia Argyi and ginger, to brings the relief and support into it. 

Self-heating of Springa™ is produce when the plant extracts is function. Therefore the natural ingredients will be absorbed by the human body. 

By using the plant extracts and self-heating patch design, Springa™️ eliminate the pain from the body and promote the blood circulation of your knee. 

Relieve Knee Pain In Harmless-Way

Quick-Acting Relief

Self-heating design

reduce the inflammation

Breathable And Comfortable


Clean and dry the area you want to apply(kneecap region). Stick the Springa™ on desired area. Can be used for up to 10 hours for best results. For a significant effect, use it every day for 1 month. 


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Is Sparinga™️ suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is suitable for daily use. Put it on your knee where you feel pain or when you want to reduce the use of the knee. For best results, use it for 1 month to maximized the function of Springa™. 

Does Springa™️ have obvious effect on relieving knee pain?

Yes. Springa™ is very effective in relieving pain and is suitable for use on the knee. You can feel your knee lighter and more energized. 

How does it working or heat it up?

The plant extract is helped the Springa™ to be heat it up. Through its self-heat technology, it provide warm to the knee in order to achieved pain relief. 

Is Springa™ a skin-friendly product?

Yes, Springa™ is mainly made from ripe wild wormwood. 

I've arthritis in my knee, and even worse at night time. Are these good for arthritis?

It does significantly reduce the effect that brought by arthritis. Springa™ warms the knee by its self-heat technology immediately.