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Stimulate abdominal fat burning

Blocking cellulite formation

Accelerate Blood Circulation

Promote the Metabolism

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Our product is mostly made by ginger.

New Dispensation for Belly 

Get rid of excess subcutaneous fat.

Losing abdominal fat, or belly fat, is a common weight loss goal. 
contains natural extract of the active ingredients which penetrate into the epidermis, accelerate the metabolism of the skin. 

After the active ingredients being absorbed by the human body, it will promote faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue and helps to break down fat cells in the abdomen. This massage cream provides a pleasant experience for the whole body. 

Stimulate abdominal fat burning

Blocking cellulite formation

accelerate blood circulation

Promote the Metabolism

Light and watery texture


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After cleaning, apply adequate amount of this product to the area you wish to slim, massage using the circular motions(for 10~20 minutes) until it’s absorbed completely. For remarkable results, continuously apply it day & night for 1 month.


How long should Gingeral™️ to get results?

For best results, continuously apply it every day and night for a general course of 1 month. 

Why do I feel the heat after applying Gingeral™️?

It's a normal reaction after applying because Gingeral™️ can prevent the fat accumulation thus result in burning fat.

How many grams of Gingeral™️?

One can is 20g, each can of Gingeral™️ can use for 10 days.

Is Gingeral™️ suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is suitable for daily use. If you have allergic condition, stop using it. 

Is it necessary to wrap the area where the cream is applied?

No wrap is necessary. It does not leave any stains. Just make sure to wash your hands after use so you don't rub your eyes by accident.